In force 21st July, 1837.
AN ACT to Relocate a part of the State Road leading from William Crow’s’ in Morgan County, to Musick’s Bridge, in Sangamon County.
Commissioners appointed
Sec.[Section] 1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That Reuben Harrison, Dollis Scott, and Elihu Bone, be, and they are hereby, appointed commissioners to view, mark, and relocate so much of the state road leading from William Crow’s, in Morgan county, to Musick’s bridge, in Sangamon county, as lies between the head of Richmond creek and the Sangamon river.
Time and place of meeting
Sec. 2. Said commissioners shall meet at the house of Peter Cartright, on the first Monday in September next, or on any other day agreed on by them within six months from the passage of this act, and after being duly sworn shall proceed to relocate the part of the said road abovementioned, avoiding the injury of private property as much as the public convenience will permit.
Shall make map
Sec. 3. Said commissioners shall make a map and report of said relocation, and file the same with the clerk of the county commissioners’ court of Sangamon county; and shall receive out of the treasury of said county such compensation as the county commissioners may deem reasonable.
Road from Springfield to Rochester declared a State Road
Sec. 4. The road as now travelled from Springfield to Rochester, both in Sangamon county, be, and the same is hereby declared a state road, and shall be worked and kept in repair as other state roads are.
Commissioners appointed
Sec. 5. That Samuel K. Miller, James Fyffe, and James Lanterman be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to view and locate a state road leading from Lawrenceville to Russelville, in Lawrence county.
Time and place of meeting
Line of Road
Sec. 6. The said commissioners shall meet in Lawrenceville, on or before the second Monday in August next, or as soon thereafter as convenient, and after being sworn by some justice of the peace impartially to locate the same, they shall commence at Lawrenceville, thence by James Nabbs’ bridge, across the Embarrass river, to the centre school house in Allison prairie1, and from thence to Russelville on the most convenient and practicable ground, doing as little injury to private property as possible.
Report to be filed
Sec. 7. The said commissioners shall, as soon as convenient, cause to be filed with the clerk of the county commissioners’ court of Lawrence county, a report and complete map of said road, which report and map shall be preserved and shall form a part of the record of said court. Said road, when so established, shall be kept in repair as other state roads are; and the county commissioners’ court
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of Lawrence county shall allow the said viewers not more than one dollar and fifty cents per day for their services.2
Inhabitants of Petersburg may be incorporated
Sec. 8. The inhabitants of the town of Petersburg, in Sangamon county, may hereafter be incorporated according to the provisions of the general town incorporation act, notwithstanding said town may not contain one hundred and fifty inhabitants.
Approved, 21st July, 1837.
1According to county histories, Allison Prairie is the area between Lawrenceville and Russellville.
2On July 19, 1837, the House of Representatives amended the bill by adding sections five, six, and seven.
Journal of the House of Representatives of the Tenth General Assembly of the State of Illinois, at a Special Session of the General Assembly, Begun and Held in the Town of Vandalia, July 10, 1837 (Vandalia, IL: William Walters, 1837), 118.

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