A Bill Legalizing the Survey and Plat of the Town of Mount Auburn in the County of Dane, [15 January 1840]1
A bill for an act legalizing the Survey and town plat of the town of Mount Auburn in the county of Dane2
Be it enacted by the People of the state of Illinois represented in the General Assembly: That the Survey and Town Plat of the town of Mount Auburn, in the county of Dane, as certified by T. R. Skinner, Surveyor Logan county, are hereby made as legal as if they had been made by the Surveyor of Dane county—

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& ord[ordered] to be Engrossed.
[ docketing ]
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the text of this bill. The docketing on page two is in another hand.
2Edward D. Baker introduced HB 136 in the House of Representatives on January 15, 1840. The House passed the bill on January 27. The House informed the Senate of the bill’s passage, but the latter took no action.
Illinois House Journal. 1839. 11th G. A., special sess., 178, 200, 260; Illinois Senate Journal. 1839. 11th G. A., special sess., 189.
3“28” changed to “27”.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Lincolniana Collection, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL).