Summary of Debates with John Calhoun and Alfred W. Cavarly in Springfield, Illinois, 18-25 March 18441
There has been an interesting public discussion at the Court Room, on the political questions which divide the country, every evening of last week and Monday evening of this week.—Mr. Cavarly of Green, lead off; and was followed by Wm. Brown, Esq[Esquire]. of Morgan—the two occupying two evenings. Mr. Calhoun followed Mr. Brown, and he by Mr. Lincoln, and these gentlemen continued the discussion five evenings.
The discussion has been well attended, and we readily accord to Mr. Calhoun due praise for making most of a bad cause. The efforts of Mr. Lincoln, were distinguished for ability, and in all candor we must say, that we did not discover a single position raised by Mr. Calhoun, that he did not entirely demolish.
1In addition to this short summary of a week’s worth of political debates held in the city from March 18 through March 25, the Illinois State Register published two longer, more detailed summaries of the debates.

Printed Document, 1 page(s), Sangamo Journal (Springfield, IL), 28 March 1844, 2:1.