Summary of Speech at Rockport, Indiana, 30 October 18441
Mr. Lincoln, of Springfield, Ill., addressed a large and respectable audience at the court house on Wednesday evening last upon the whig policy. His main argument was directed in pointing out the advantages of a Protective Tariff. He handled that subject in a manner that done honor to himself and the whig cause. Other subjects were investigated in a like manner.—His speech was plain, argumentative and of an hour’s duration.–
1From October 24 through November 4, Abraham Lincoln traveled through southern Indiana giving campaign speeches on behalf of Henry Clay, the Whig Party candidate for president in 1844 presidential election, and Theodore Frelinghuysen, candidate for vice president. No other reports of any of his Indiana speeches have been located.
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Printed Document, 1 page(s), Indiana Herald (Rockport, IN), 1 November 1844, 4:2.