Abraham Lincoln to Joseph Gales and William W. Seaton, 22 January 18491
Messrs[Messieurs] Gales & Seaton:Gentlemen:
Two drafts, one for $743 37/100 the other for $733 33/100, drawn by Thomas French, and accepted by you, have been sent to me for collection–2 Please let me hear from you on the subject.3
Yours trulyA. Lincoln

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A Lincoln
Letter & Reply
Jan[January] 23, 1849
1Abraham Lincoln wrote this letter in its entirety.
2Thomas French worked for Joseph Gales and William W. Seaton operating a ferry which the two owned that crossed the Mississippi River between Burlington, Iowa and Illinois. He also served as a general agent for their interests in Burlington and the surrounding vicinity.
Howard Barclay French, comp., Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas French (Philadelphia: Howard Barclay French, 1913), 2:219-20.
3Gales’ and Seaton’s reply to Lincoln, if they wrote one, has not been located.

Autograph Letter Signed, 2 page(s), Huntington Library (San Marino, CA).