Abraham Lincoln to John M. Clayton, 8 March 18491
[ docketing ]
Rec'd[Received] 10 March.
Hon: John M. ClaytonSecretary of State.Dear Sir:
We recommend that Archibald Williams, of Quincy, Illinois, be appointed U.S. District Attorney for the District of Illinois, when that office shall become vacant–2
Your Obt Servts[Obedient Servants]A. Lincoln
[ endorsement ]
I beg leave to urge this particularly
E D Baker

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No 1
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Dis.[District] Attorney - Ill.[Illinois]
Williams A. recommended by
Hon. A. Lincoln &
h "a.li E. D. Baker
[ docketing ]
Williams A. recommended.
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file 1 — No 1.
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Dis. Attorney–
Williams A. recommended by
Hon. A. Lincoln
h "a.li E. D. Baker.
1Abraham Lincoln wrote and signed the letter. Edward D. Baker endorsed the letter.
2President Zachary Taylor appointed Archibald Williams to the position.
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