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Promissory Note of Ritta Angelica da Silva to Abraham Lincoln, 11 August 18541
Four year after date I promise to pay Abraham Lincoln, one hundred and twentyfive dollars, with ten per cent interest per annum from date until paid, interest payable annually, for value received–2
Ritta Angelica da Silva
Interest begins August 18– 18543
This note paid in full this Novr 26, 1858– Receipt given yesterday for $125– of the money
A. Lincoln4

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August 18– 1855– Received $12–50– being first years interest, & receipt given–5
Dec. 1– 1856– Received $12.50– being second year’s interest to 18. August 185[6]6
Jany 8, 1858– Received $12.50 cents being this years interest to 18 Aug[August] 1857–7
1Ritta Angelica da Silva wrote and signed the note.
2Da Silva borrowed $125 from Abraham Lincoln, securing the note with a mortgage on land in Springfield, Illinois.
3Lincoln wrote this endorsement.
4Lincoln wrote and signed this endorsement.
5Lincoln wrote this endorsement.
6Lincoln wrote this endorsement.
7Lincoln wrote this endorsement.

Handwritten Document Signed, 2 page(s), Private Collection, David Roth (Corrales, NM).