Abraham Lincoln to Abraham Jonas, 21 October 18561
A. Jonas, Esq[Esquire]My dear Sir:
I am here at court, and find myself so “hobbled” with a particular case, that I can not leave, & consequently, can not be with you on the 23rd, I regret this exceedingly, but there is no help for it–2 Please make the best appology, for me, in your power–
Your friend as everA. Lincoln

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A Lincoln
Octr[October] 21/56[1856]3
1Abraham Lincoln wrote and signed this letter.
2A letter of invitation from Abraham Jonas to Lincoln, if one was penned, has not been found. Jonas lived in Quincy, Illinois, at the time.
On the day Lincoln wrote this letter, he was representing Charles Chiniquy in the slander case Spink v. Chiniquy in the Champaign County Circuit Court. Chiniquy, a Catholic priest, allegedly continued to tell his congregation that Peter Spink had committed perjury after Spink had been acquitted. Spink accused Chiniquy of slander in the Kankakee County Circuit Court and requested $10,000 in damages. After a change of venue to the Champaign County Circuit Court, Chiniquy retained Lincoln for his defense. Lincoln managed to settle the case before it went to trial and it was dismissed in October 1856.
Lincoln attended and spoke at a Republican rally in Atlanta on October 23. Between July and November 1856, Lincoln crisscrossed Illinois canvassing on behalf of Republican Party candidates for political office. He delivered over fifty speeches in support of the Republican cause. See the 1856 Federal Election.
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3An unknown person wrote this docketing.

Autograph Letter Signed, 2 page(s), Private Collection, Shapell Legacy Partnership (Beverly Hills, CA) (2015).