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Abraham Lincoln to Jefferson L. Dugger, 29 October 18541
J. L. Dugger, Esq.[Esquire]My dear Sir:
If it will probably do any good, I can speak at your town at 2 o,clock P.M on Saturday, the 4th Novr[November]– Perhaps it might be well for you to consult Palmer; and if he and you think it will work well, you ^may^ make an announcement accordingly– Do not announce me merely as a compliment to me; I would much prefer sav saving the labor, unless it promises some good– As soon as you determine whether I shall speak or not, write me at this place–2
Very truly YoursA. Lincoln
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SPRINGFIELD Ill.[Illinois]
NOV[November] 1
J.. L.. Dugger, EsqCarlinvilleIllinois–
A Lincoln
Oct[October] 29/54[1854]3
1Abraham Lincoln wrote and signed this document, including the address on the last sheet, which was folded to create an envelope.
2Passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and its effective repeal of the Missouri Compromise reawakened Lincoln’s passion for politics, and he threw himself into opposing the act, crisscrossing Illinois to deliver speeches against the legislation and to rebut Stephen A. Douglas’ views on popular sovereignty. Lincoln also spoke in support of Richard Yates and other anti-Nebraska candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1854 congressional elections. See Kansas-Nebraska Act; 1854 Federal Election.
A reply from Jefferson L. Dugger has not been located. In a letter of October 30, 1854, Lincoln wrote Yates, “I expect to be back in time to speak at Carlinville on Saturday, if thought expedient.” However, there is no evidence that Lincoln spoke in Carlinville on November 4.
David Herbert Donald, Lincoln (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995), 167-73; Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln Written for John L. Scripps.
3An unknown person wrote this docketing.

Autograph Letter Signed, 2 page(s), Private Collection, Shapell Manuscript Collection (Beverly Hills, CA).