Receipt for 1845 Illinois and Sangamon County Taxes, [1845]1
Received of Abraham Lincoln his State and county tax, for the year 1845
Valuation real estate. $1500 Valuation personal property $300Tax, $11.40
Lots 8 & S[South]1/2 72 Block 10 Ad.[Addition] E Iles Lots Block Ad.
Lots 12. & 133 Block 7 Ad. do Lots Block Ad.
Wm Harvey Col[Collector] & S.[Sheriff] S. C.^ Ill^

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Ab. Lincoln
Tax $11.40
1William Harvey filled in the blanks of this partially-printed form and signed the document.
2This property was Abraham Lincoln’s home at Eighth and Jackson streets in Springfield, which he purchased from Charles Dresser in 1844.
3Lincoln purchased these two lots from Elijah Iles in 1838 for $300. The lots were across Eighth Street from his home in the middle of the block.

Partially Printed Document Signed, 2 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).