Statement of Payment from Sangamon County Commissioners' Court to Abraham Lincoln for Surveying School Section, 4 September 1836
1836 May 9. The School Fund of Township 17 North Range 6 West To A Lincoln Dr[debit]1
To Surveying section sixteen T 16 in said Township2 $ 12.00
To Mathew Morehead to 4 1/2 days as Trustee & Chain carrier. $3 4.50
" Flemming Hall 4 days """" $ 4.00
" Benj Wiseman 4 days """" $ 4.00
The. Genl[General] School Fund of Sangamon County
To Services Managing the School Fund for said County
Six Months preceding the 1st Sept 1836
To— Office Rent & stationary [...?]
Town[Township] 17— N[North] 3 W[West] To Simeon Francis for advertising school Lands $3.50
" 18 N 6 W. To same """ 2.25
" 19 N. 7 W To same """ 2.75
" 16 N. 1. W. To same """ 1.00
" 17 N 6 W To same """ 1.00
The Genl School Fund Dr To S. Francis
To charge advertizing Genl Nature of Distribution of School Fund


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Sundry Accounts for Allowance of Court
[ docketing ]
allowed Sept[September] Term, 1836
1In 1818, when Congress passed the act enabling the Illinois Territory to become a state, it granted to every township in the state the proceeds of the sale of land in each township’s Section 16. This money became known as the common school fund.
“An Act to Enable the People of the Illinois Territory to Form a Constitution and State Government, and for the Admission of Such State into the Union on an Equal Footing with the Original States,” 18 April 1818, Statutes at Large of the United States 3 (1846):428-31; W. L. Pillsbury, “Early Education in Illinois,” Sixteenth Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Illinois (Springfield, IL: H. W. Rokker, 1886), 106-7.
2The land described here is located in present-day southern Menard County.
3This dollar sign and the two below it were written over ditto marks.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Lincolniana, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL).