Receipt of Abraham Lincoln for Bringing Election Returns, 9 November 18401
Received of the Auditor a Warrant on theState Bank of Illinois for Nineteen — dollars andcents, in full for bringing election returns of President H. from Laurence County2
A. Lincoln
1Abraham Lincoln affixed his signature on this receipt.
2Lincoln’s correspondence with William G. Anderson shows that Lincoln was in Lawrenceville, county seat of Lawrence County, on October 30, 1840, as Lincoln stumped Illinois on behalf of William Henry Harrison and the Whig Party in the 1840 election. On November 5, Lincoln was selected to bring the election returns from Lawrence County to Springfield to be filed with the office of the secretary of state. Harrison carried Lawrence County by 676 votes to 597 votes for Martin Van Buren--though Lincoln reported 675 votes for Harrison.
Abraham Lincoln to William G. Anderson; William G. Anderson to Abraham Lincoln; Theodore C. Pease, ed., Illinois Election Returns, 1818-1848, vol. 18 of Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library (Springfield: Illinois State Historical Library, 1923), 118-19; The Lincoln Log: A Daily Chronology of the Life of Abraham Lincoln, 5 November 1840,

Copy of Partially Printed Document Signed, 1 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Association Files, Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).