Survey of Albany, Illinois, 16 June 18361
Map in Lincoln’s hand.
Head of Map Due North
Width of Streets 66 feet
WDo[ditto]th "f Alleys 16fedo
Front of LotsAl 66fedo
Depth of doAl124Wdo
Stone at the S. W.[Southwest] corner of the Public square.
Blocks Nos. 1, 2, 3 4, 5, and the Public Square are situated on the West half of the S E[Southeast] quater of Section 6, and are the property of John Wright. Blocks 6 and 7 are situated on the West half of the N. E[Northeast] quarter of Section 7, both and are the property of John Donaven. Both tracts are of Township 19 North of Range 3 West.
[ docketing ]
Filed for Record June 21st 1836 at 3. Oclock PM
Fee ^(Paid)^ $2.502
[ certification ]
I hereby certify that the above is a correct Map of the town of Albany, as surveyed by me
A. Lincoln
for T. M. Neale S. S. C.[Surveyor of Sangamon County]

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[ certification ]
State of Illinois } SS
Sangamon County
This is to Certify that we John Wright and John Donaven of the County & State aforesaid proprietors of the Town of Albany as laid out & Platted by A Lincoln Deputy Surveyor of said County do hereby acknowledge the same to be our act & Deed for the purposes there in expressed. with all the Blocks[,] Lots[,] Streets[,] Alleys & Publick Grounds according to the foregoing Map & Specification. and do hereby forever give to the publick all the Ground included in said Streets & Alleys & Publick Grounds for the use of said Town
Witness our hands & Seals this 21st day of June AD 1836
John Wright  seal John Donnovan  seal 
[ certification ]
State of Illinois } SS.
Sangamon County
Be it Remembered that on this day came personally before the undersigned a Justice of the Peace in & for said County John Wright & John Donavan who are personally known by said Justice to be the Same persons whose names are Subscribed to the foregoing Certificate and acknowledged the Same to be their & each of their free & voluntary act & Deed for the purposes therein expressed.
Given under my hand & Seal this 21st day of June AD 1836
Thomas Moffett Jus[Justice of the] Peace  seal 
1Abraham Lincoln authored the entirety of the text on page one, except where noted. Page one also includes a survey map in Lincoln’s handwriting, not transcribed here.
2This docketing was written by someone other than Abraham Lincoln.

Autograph Document Signed, 2 page(s), Brown University (Providence, RI).