John W. Chickering to Abraham Lincoln, 14 May 18491
A Lincoln Esqr[Esquire]Dear Sir
Your favour of 13th is at hand2 please accept my acknowledgments for your kindness I thought in my last that I mentioned Washington— at present my intention is to return to Illinois– but I thought it well to make some acquaintances at Washington in view of the new Territories— this however is between ourselves–
I find my finances rather hard at present– as I am unexpectedly under considerable advances for one of your constituents who has gone to California and as I am trying to settle off all claims against me– I have therefore ventured upon your good feelings so far as to request a little more time upon a part of your fee, as I find it much easier to pay out than make collections— the draft I have no doubt will be duly [honored??]– and the note paid— please [set?] acknowledge their receipt to me directed to Newbury port– mass– and if it is satisfactory let the receipt be in full— if not advise me, and I will make it according to your desires– I take this liberty as I have large collections to make east– and I do not know exactly how much I shall have
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after discharging present & pressing liabilities3
I have no doubt of being in your city at Decr[December] term of U S. C Court
in haste
Yours very truly
J. W Chickeringaddress—J. W C–[John W. Chickering]Newbury portmass–[massachusetts]
1John W. Chickering wrote and signed this letter.
2Abraham Lincoln responded to Chickering’s letter of May 11. Lincoln’s response has not been located.
3From 1845 to 1848, Lincoln & Herndon represented the Boston financial firm of Griggs & Weld in appellate cases against Hezekiah H. Gear before the Illinois Supreme Court and the U.S. Circuit Court. Chickering had represented Griggs & Weld in the case before the Jo Daviess County Circuit Court that initiated the appeals, and he served alongside Lincoln & Herndon representing Griggs & Weld at the Illinois Supreme Court and federal court levels. Chickering had agreed to pay Lincoln & Herndon $100 for assisting him in the appeals.
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