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Fragment of Unknown to Abraham Lincoln, 28 December 18471
Hon. A. LincolnDear Sir,
I hope that I shall not trespass much upon your time, and I shall make my let[ter] as short as possible
Since my earliest days I have had a great desire [to obtain?] a Commission in the Army, this is not a mere fancy, [?] to immediate dissipation when it comes to . . . ality, [for you?] will recolect that I served twelve months [in that?] capacity [?] commissioned officer, and th[oug]h I [?] many there which would darken the ardor of a[no]ther, yet I find [?] my desire is greater than ever, as I have applied [?] friends here for their aid in obtaining ^for^ me the Commission [of Sec]ond Lieutenant, Mr Calhoun2 forwarded my recommendation to the Hon R. M. Young, nearly a month since
I hope to obtain your interference in my behalf, and if I succeed rest assured sir that it will never be forgotten by me, nor shall you ever have cause to repeat your influence in assisting me to obtain the appointment, I believe the application does not specify any particular corps– I should prefer the Riflem[en] . . . although I [?] be contented in the Inf[antry] . . .
In the hope that you . . .
I Remain Your [?]
1This letter, now badly damaged, was written by an unknown author.
2“Mr. Calhoun” may refer to John Calhoun of Springfield.

Handwritten Letter, 1 page(s), Lincoln Home National Historic Site (Springfield, IL)