Sec[Section] 1 Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois represented in the General Assembly:
That J T. Beatty and Robert R Green, of Pike county and James Welch of Hancock County be and they are hereby appointed commissioners to change and relocate the Seat of Justice of Adams County, who, or a majority of them, shall meet at the Town of Quincy in said county of Adams on the first monday of April next or within one month thereafter and and after being duly sworn by some Justice of the Peace for the said county of Adams faithfully and impartially to perform the duties enjoined upon them by this act, shall proced to fix upon a place as nearly central taking into consideration the eligibility of the situation with respect to timber and water rejecting in the computation, the inundated lands on the Mississippi River which Seat of Justice when so located shall be named by said commissioners.
Sec 2
When the said commissioners or a majority of them shall have agreed upon a place for the county seat aforesaid they shall make report thereof in writing under their hands and seals describing particularly the quarter or fractional quarter section Township and Range upon ^which^ they have located the same together with the name they may have given it to the county commissioners court of said county, who shall at the next term thereafter
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of said court cause said report to be entered upon the records of the court of said county, and the place so selected by said locating commissioners or a majority of them, shall be and remain the Seat of Justice for said county of Adams, and known and called by such name as may be given it by said commissioners,
Sec 3.
Should said commissioners locate said seat of Justice on lands belonging to an individual or individuals they shall ask and obtain a donation of any number of acres not less than forty, and also select and describe said donation in their report with reasonable certainty by metes and bounds. provided That if there is any vacant public land which may be found centered & eligible, it shall be the duty of said commissioners to locate said Seat of Justice on it, or in case said commissioners should determine to locate said Seat of Justice on land belonging to an individual or individuals, it shall be their duty previous to locating said Seat of Justice as aforesaid, to take a Deed in fee simple to said county for such lands as may be donated as aforesaid.
Sec 4. It shall be the duty of the county commissioners of said county to lay off the tract of land on which said seat of Justice may be located into Town Lots to be sold under the directions of the said county commissioners on such Terms as they shall deem most advantagious
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to the county, and the procedes to be applied to the erection of the public buildings at the seat of Justice so located as aforesaid.
Sec 5. The county commissioners of said County shall as soon as practicable after the said Seat of Justice is located as aforesaid, cause to be erected a suitable building for the accommodation of the court of said county and for the safe keeping of the Records thereof
Sec. 6. The courts shall be held at Quincy as now required by law untill the first monday in October next from and after which time they shall be held at the Seat of Justice located as aforesaid.
Sec. 7. the Jail heretofore erected at Quincy shall continue to be used as the county Jail until the county commissioners shall provide a new Jail at the county seat located as aforesaid, and the buildings now occupied as a court house in Quincy together with such lots of land as belongs to the county of Adams, the county commissioners are hereby authorized in their discretion to lease or to expose to public sale by giving at least four weeks public notice in five of the most public places, in the county by posting up notices of said sale giving the purchaser a credit not exceding one year, the procedes thereof to be appropriated to the erection of the public buildings of the county at the county seat located as aforesaid.
Sec 8. The county commissioners court of [said?] county shall allow [the?] commissioners appointed by this act, the sum of three dollars per day.

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Sec 8. The county commissioners court at their next March term shall order an Election to be held in every Precinct in said County fixing upon a day previous to the first day of Aprill next giving at least fifteen days notice thereof, for the purpose of taking a vote of said county of Adams for or against the removal of the Seat ^of^ Justice of said county. Said election shall be conducted in the same manner as provided in the general election laws, of this state. The clerk of said court shall immediately make out the requisite number of notices for said election and deliver the same to the Sheriff of the county who shall within three days thereafter cause the same to be posted up in each precinct in the county as required by the aforesaid election law, the clerks of said elections shall prepare and furnish the necessary poll books with requisite columns, one for and the other against the removal of said seat of Justice and after the polls are duly opened shall record the name and vote of each quallified voter as he may direct, any Judge or clerk of said election who shall knowingly suffer any person to vote who is not a quallified voter agreeable to the provisions of the general election law of this State, or be guilty of manifest [partiality?] such Judge or clerk so offending shall be liable to indictment and on conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceding two hundred dollars in addition to the penalties already provided in said election law for the like offence and recoverable in the same manner as therein provided, the returns of said election shall be made to the clerk of the county commissioners court within three days after holding the same, and within two days thereafter the
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county commissioners or a majority of them shall meet at their clerks office and procede to open the poll books and canvass the votes in the presence [of?] the clerks and if a majority of all the votes [?]^be^ in [in?] favour of the removal of said seat of Justice the said county-commissioners shall immediately notify the before named locating commissioners of the same, it shall then be the duty of said locating commissioners or a majority of them to procede to relocate said Seat of Justice agreeable to the provisions of this act, but in the event that their shall not be a majority of the voters taken as aforesaid in favour of the removal of said Seat of Justice then this act, from[?] forth to be void.
Sec 9.
The county-commissioners court of said County shall allow the commissioners appointed by this act the sum of three dollars per day each, for their services in locating the seat of Justice as aforesaid, all acts, and parts of acts, coming within the purview of this act, are hereby Repealed
[ certification ]
David Prickett
Passed H. R. Jan. 7. 1835
D. Prickett Clk.[Clerk] H R.

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[ docketing ]
H. R.
A Bill for “an “act, to remove the Seat of Justice of Adams County
[ docketing ]
David Prickett
to be Enrolled as Amended.
Clk H. R.
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[ docketing ]
Com[Committee] on petitions
Mr Mather
[ docketing ]
[com?] on petitions
Mr Mather

Handwritten Document, 6 page(s), Folder 49, HB 61, GA Session: 9-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,