Emmons H. Stockwell to Unknown, 3 June 18551
To whomsoever it may concern–
It gives the undersigned much pleasure to certify that Mary E. Walker, M.D., is a Lady of many virtues, of a good education, of talent, of tact, of energy, and of independence, that she has been studying Medicine for three years; that she has attended three regular Courses of Medical Lectures in a regularly incorporated Medical College;2 that she pursued her professional studies with enthusiasm, eagerness and pleasure; that she was a faithful and diligent student; that she made rapid and meritorious progress; that she graduated with honor, and that she recieved the honorable Degree of Doctor of Medicine.
The undersigned cordially recommends Mary E. Walker, M.D., to the confidence, friendship, and patronage of those who may demand the
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aid of a skillful, faithful, and competent Physician.
Prof.[Professor] E. H. Stockwell, M.D.

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[ endorsement ]
The within is a very good testimonial, and I presume it is presented to me with a view of finding employment, But in connection with the Army. If so I must respectfully refer the lady to the Surgeon General.3
A. Lincoln4
[ docketing ]
3 June 1855
Cincinnati. Ohio
Prof: E H Stockwell. M. D.
Testimonial as to the medical competency of Mary E Walker M.d.5
1Emmons H. Stockwell wrote and signed this letter.
2Mary E. Walker attended Syracuse Medical College.
Dale L. Walker, Mary Edwards Walker: Above and Beyond (New York: Forge, 2005), 50.
3Walker never received a military commission but worked as a volunteer and then civilian contract surgeon during the Civil War.
Dale L. Walker, Mary Edwards Walker: Above and Beyond, 92, 135.
4Abraham Lincoln wrote and signed this endorsement.
5An unknown person wrote this docketing.

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