An act to create ^establish^ the County of Hardin.
Sec[Section] 1 Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois represented in the General assembly. That all that tract of Country, situate within the following boundaries to wit; beginning on the Ohio river in the County of Pope at the mouth of Lusk’s creek, thence running up the South Bank of said creek so far as to intersect the old Kaskaskia road at point where the said road approaches nearest to the bank of the said Lusks Creek, thence along the North side of said road to the Patilla house at Patilla’s bluff; thence along the north side of the said road to the east line of Johnson County; (leaving the said Kaskaskia road within Pope county,) thence North with with the line of Johnson County to the South west corner of the County of Gallatin, thence running east and with the said line of Gallatin County, to the Ohio river; thence down said river to the lower bank of Lusks Creek, the place of beginning; shall constitute a new county to be called Hardin.
Sec 2 The legal voters of the Counties of Hardin and Pope shall meet at their respective places of holding elections, on the first monday in April next and vote for a point or points whereat to locate the seat of Justice of each county respectively, and the place within each county receiving the highest number of votes shall be and forever remain the permanent seat of Justice within each County; the said legal voters shall also at the same time and place of voting, proceed to
Sec 3 The legal voters of the county of Hardin shall also at the same time and places of holding such elections
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proceed to elect all county officers excepting only Justices of the Peace and constables, and the two county commissioners at present residing within the limits of the said new county [who] shall continue to act as commissioners of County of Hardin in the same manner and for the same time, as if no division of Pope County had taken place; the legal voters ^of Pope county^ shall also at the same time proceed to elect county commissioners, who shall continue in office until their Successors are elected and qualified.
Sec 4 The County commissioners of the said Counties of Hardin and Pope shall within ^ten^ days after their said elections, meet within their respective counties, those within the county of Hardin at the house of Thomas Cowsut, and those of the County of Pope at the Town of Golconda, and lay off their respective counties into Justices[] Districts, and do and perform such other duties as is required by law.
Sec 5 It shall be the duty of the county county commissioners of the county of Pope within twelve months from the passage of this act, to proceed to sell at public auction the court house and public square in the town of Golconda the clerk giving at least four weeks previous notice; The purchaser giving bond with approved security for the payment of the purchase money to the county commissioners of Pope county, within a period of not more than two years; and which money when collected shall be paid to the persons to whom the present county of Pope is ind indebted, and if the sum of money obtained for the said Court house and public square shall not be sufficient to pay the whole debt which is now due from the county to individuals; the counties of Hardin and pope shall each pay an equal proportion of the sum remaining due.

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Sec 6 The County of Hardin shall be entitled to its distributive share of the funds received from the State by the county of Pope, according to the provisions of the Internal Improvement law of this State and it is hereby made the duty of the county commissioners court of said county of Pope to pay over to the county commissioners of the county of Hardin within twelve months from the passage of this act, such distributive share as the said new county may be entitled to receive according to the provisions of this Section.
Sec 7 The Places for holding the circuit cour and commissioners courts within each county, shall be [determined] by the county commissioners respectively; [and] public buildings shall be erected in each County as soon as the respective county courts shall deem it expedient; the county of Hardin [shall continue] to form a part of the same Judicial circuitwith the county of Pope, and shall vote with the county of Pope for a member of the General assembly until otherwise provided by law

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No 121
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A bill for an act to establish the County of Hardin.
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To be Engrossed
Clk H R.

Handwritten Document, 6 page(s), Folder 135, HB 174, GA Session: 11-1, Illinois State Archives [Springfield, IL] ,