Sec[Section] 1 Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, Represented in the General Assembly That the Sum of One hundred and twenty Eight thousand and Three hundred dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated to defray the expences of finishing the State House in Springfield and furnishing the same, and the offices attached thereto, with necessary furniture for the use of Said House and offices. Said sum payable out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated
Sec 2. The Commissioners appointed to superintend the erection of Public Buildings at Springfield shall proceed without delay to cause the said Buildings to be completed in the manner and upon the plan and with the materials heretofore agreed upon by said commissioner
Sect[Section] 3. The appropriation herby made shall be paid out in the manner and at the time hereafter specified. The commissioners shall upon the passage of this act, and quarterly thereafter make a report to the Governor stating to him the amount of money which will be required, for use, during the next three months, and the amount expended during the preceeding three months and upon the reception of said report the Governor shall make an order on the Auditor, requiring him to issue a warrant upon the Treasurer for the amount so required. The warrant shall be payable at the State Bank of Illinois to the order of the Commissioners,
Sec 4. The commissioners shall deposit all orders issued in their favour in the State Bank and the money shall be paid out by the Bank upon the orders of Said Commissioners,

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Sec 5. The Commissioners shall instead of paying out money, make orders or checks upon the Bank in favour of all persons to whom money may be due, and shall State on the face of such orders or checks the concideration for which they were given, and shall be so written as that the signature of the payee, upon the back shall make the order, or check operate as a receipt from the payer, to the State as well as to the Bank
Sct[Section] 6 In case any or all the Commissioners appointed to superintend the erection of Public Buildings shall die, resign, or refuse to act, the Governor shall appoint a successor or successors,
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Passed the Senate
Decr 20th 1838
Ben: Bond Secry[Secretary]
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No 15
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A bill for an act making an appropriation for the completion and furnishing of the State House at Springfield
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C. W H.[...?]
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Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Folder 329, SB 6, GA Session 11-1, Illinois State Archives [Springfield, IL]