Sec One. That the Governor of the State of Illinois on behalf of the People of the said state be required to reconvey, and he is hereby empowered and authorised to reconvey to the County Commissioners Court of Sangamon County for the use of the people of said County all that piece or parcel of ground situate lying and being in the town of Springfield County of Sangamon and State of Illinois aforesaid Known as the “public Square” containing two and a half acres, more or less; and that all bonds which may have been executed in pursuance of the provisions of the act aforesaid to the Treasurer of State for the amount of a donation required by the 4th section of said act be and the same are hereby cancelled and forever rendered null and void.
Sec[Section] 2. That at the next general Election to be held in the several Counties of this State for members of the Legislature, there shall be opened at such place or places of voting, a book, in which shall be entered the votes of the qualified Electors in favor of such places as they may prefer for the permanent location of the seat of Government of this State, after
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the expiration of the time prescribed by the Constitution for its remaining at Vandalia
Sec 31. Said Election shall be conducted in all respects as elections are required to be conducted for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of this state, by the same officers, and returns thereof made to the office of secretary of State in the same manner, which returns shall be laid before the General assembly at its next regular session
Sec 4.2 When the returns shall be so made, the five points or places receiving the highest number of votes shall be again voted for at such time as may be fixed upon by an act of the Legislature then in session. The returns of which election shall be made to the Secretary of state as herein required. Whereupon the said Secretary shall notify the Governor, who together with the auditor and Treasurer of State or a majority of them shall proceed to count the votes given to each of the five places or points voted for as aforesaid and if it shall appear that no one point or place shall have received a majority of all the votes given, it shall then be made the duty of the said Governor to cause to be published in each of the public News-papers of this State the result thereof. And thereupon immediately direct by proclamation another Election to be held within six months thereafter between the three highest points or places aforesaid. said Election to be condu [...?]ducted in all respects and returns made
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as prescribed as aforesaid
Sec 5.3 If after this last election it shall appear that neither of the three points aforesaid shall have received a majority of all the votes given, the returns having been made, the votes counted as required in the last section and publication of the result made as therein prescribed the said Governor shall again issue his proclamation, directing an Election to be held within six months thereafter between the two highest points or places last voted for.
Sec 64 When it is ascertained in the manner provided for as aforesaid what place has received a majority of all the votes polled or given in the state for the seat of Government thereof, it shall then be made the duty of the said Governor or person administering the Government to issue his proclamation addressed to the people of Illinois, setting forth the fact and ordering and declaring that the place or point so receiving the highest number of votes shall forever be and remain the seat of Government for the people of the State of Illinois.
Sec 7. I . . . [plated?] . . . a favour . . .

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Hankins’ amt[amendment]
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2nd5 Amdt[Amendment].
The Springfield Bill
1“4” changed to “3.”
2“5” changed to “4.”
3“6” changed to “5.”
4“7” changed to “6.”
5“2” changed to “3.”

Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 329, SB 6, GA Session: 11-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL)