Promissory Note of Isaac Lindsay to Abraham Lincoln, 28 August 18551
Twelve monthsAfter date, I promise to payAbraham Lincolnor order,Six hundredDollars /100, value received, with interest at the rate oftenper cent. per annum from date until paid.2
Isaac Lindsay
[ docketing ]
May 31st 18643

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[ endorsement ]
Credit within sixty dollars, being first years interest4
[ endorsement ]
Augt[August] 29. 1857. Received sixty dollars, second years interest on within–
[ endorsement ]
Sept[September] 1. 1858–
Credit the within sixty dollars, being third year’s interest
[ endorsement ]
Sep[September]. 7. 1859. Received Sixty dollars fourth year’s interest
[ endorsement ]
August 29. 1860. Credit within Sixty dollars, fifth years interest–
[ endorsement ]
Sept 2. 1861 credit within Sixty dollars, Sixth years interest5
[ endorsement ]
Sep 2, 1863 credit within one hundred & twenty dolls[dollars], being seventh & Eighth Years Interest6
[ endorsement ]
Recd[Received] May 31, 18674, six Hundred & forty five dolls in full of principal & Interest
A. Lincoln
pr Ror Irwin8
[ docketing ]
Lindsay note to Lincoln pd[paid]9
1This partially printed note appears to be filled out by Abraham Lincoln.
2Isaac Lindsay executed a mortgage in Springfield to Lincoln on September 1, 1855 to secure the payment of this note. The mortgage was on the east half of the north forty-three feet of lot four in block one of the old town plat for Springfield, Illinois. The Lindsay note was among those that Lincoln left with Robert Irwin for collection when the former left Springfield for Washington, DC in February 1861.
Isaac Lindsay to Abraham Lincoln; Receipt for Notes Left with Robert Irwin for Collection; Harry E. Pratt, The Personal Finances of Abraham Lincoln (Springfield, IL: Abraham Lincoln Association, 1943), 76, 80, 164, 165, 166.
3Robert Irwin wrote this docketing diagonally over the note.
4Lincoln wrote this and the following endorsements through August 29, 1860.
5An unknown person wrote this endorsement.
6An unknown person wrote this endorsement.
7“6” written over “4”.
8Irwin wrote and signed this endorsement, including Lincoln’s signature.
9An unknown person wrote this docketing.

Partially Printed Document, 2 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).