Gazette (Galena)

City: Galena

County: Jo Daviess

State: Illinois

This Galena newspaper was founded as a Whig Party organ in 1834, with Charles E. Loring and Sylvester M. Bartlett recruited from St. Louis to publish it. Loring quit soon thereafter. About 1835, Bartlett employed Horace H. Houghton, who subsequently partnered with Bartlett before buying him out in 1838. Houghton sold the paper in 1843 but returned as editor two years later and was sole proprietor again by 1847. Houghton continued to operate the newspaper as first a Whig then later a Republican publication. At the beginning of 1848, a daily edition was begun under the title of Daily Advertiser, with weekly and tri-weekly editions apparently published under the title Northwestern Gazette. In 1863, the newspaper was sold and continued as the Gazette, a Republican newspaper.

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