Andrews, Timothy P.

Born: 1794-XX-XX Ireland, United Kingdom

Died: 1868-03-11 Washington, D.C.

Timothy P. Andrews was an army officer and paymaster general of the United States Army during the Civil War. Timothy immigrated with his father from Ireland to the United States in 1798. His military career began during the War of 1812, when he served in the United States Navy as an aid to Commodore Joshua Barney. In May 1822, Andrews received a commission as major and paymaster in the U.S. Army, a position he would hold until February 1847, when the War Department placed him in command of a regiment of voltigeurs and footed riflemen. Serving under the temporary rank of colonel, Andrews earned distinction for his bravery at the Battle of Molino del Ray, and the War Department breveted him brigadier general for gallantry and meritorious service at the Battle of Chapultepec. Andrews commanded this regiment until July 1848, when he returned to paymaster duty. In December 1851, Andrews received promotion to lieutenant colonel and deputy paymaster general. In November 1861, he became deputy paymaster general for the Department of Missouri. In September 1862, Andrews received promotion to colonel and paymaster general of the U.S. Army, a position he retained until his retirement from active duty in November 1864. In March 1865, the War Department breveted him to brigadier general. Andrews married Emily Roseville Snowden, with whom he had two children, including Richard S. Andrews, who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War.

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