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Bryant, Thomas (Peoria Judge)

Born: 1810-XX-XX Kentucky

Died: 1872-05-17 Peoria, Illinois

Flourished: 1854-09-28 Peoria, Illinois

In 1835, Bryant became sheriff of Peoria County, Illinois. He was re-elected in 1838 and served until 1840. In 1844, he was a justice of the peace in Peoria City. Bryant was elected as Peoria county judge in 1847, a position he held until November 1857. In 1850, Bryant owned $1,000 in real property. He supported the Whig Party. By 1860, Bryant was living in Richwoods Township where he listed his occupation as a gardener and had amassed $30,000 in real property, with a personal estate valued at $3,000.

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