Crockett, John E.

Born: 1805-07-27 Tennessee

Died: 1855-09-16 Shelby County, Illinois

Flourished: Shelby County, Illinois

John E. Crockett was a farmer, father of John A. L. Crockett, and nephew of Davy Crockett. Commonly addressed as "Elliott," his middle name, Crockett was living in Shelby County, Illinois, as early as 1836. He resided where the counties of Shelby, Coles, and Moultrie joined. In 1836, Crockett purchased forty acres of public land near Paradise in Coles County, and he also acquired eighty acres near Girard in Macoupin County. Several months later, Crockett purchased eighty acres near Windsor in what would become the Ash Grove Township in Shelby County. In 1850, he was living and farming in Shelby County and owned real property valued at $1,360. In 1852, the Moultrie County Circuit Court tried and convicted John A. L. Crockett of manslaughter, and Elliott campaigned to get his son a pardon. This campaign included Abraham Lincoln, who had helped defend John A. L. Crockett.

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