Dewein, Valentine

Born: 1817-04-01 Germany

Died: 1891-02-19 Peoria, Illinois

Flourished: 1854-09-28 Peoria, Illinois

Valentine Dewein was a shoemaker and bank director. Dewein's parents immigrated to the United States in 1828 from Bavaria. The next year, they settled on a farm in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, where they remained until 1833. The family later lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Maysville, Kentucky. Dewein became a shoemaker by trade. He married Margaret Schaffer on August 20, 1844, and they went on to have at least three children. The couple moved to Peoria, Illinois in 1847 where Dewein made custom boots and shoes and sold leather. Dewein supported the Whig Party. He maintained activities in the railroad interests of Peoria and acted as director of Mechanics' National Bank for nine years. In 1860, Dewein owned $85,000 in real estate and had a personal estate of $10,000.

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