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Doyle, Alexander P. H.

Born: 1808-08-31 Logan County, Kentucky

Died: 1864-02-15 Fayette County, Illinois

Flourished: Fayette County, Illinois

After receiving his education in schools in his native county, Doyle moved to Fayette County, Illinois, settling in what would become Bowling Green Township. He spent his early years in Fayette County hunting. In 1831, he returned to Kentucky and married Lydia Miller, a union that produced twelve children. Doyle and his new wife settled in Sharon township, where Doyle purchased land and took up farming and trading. Between 1836 and 1863, he purchased approximately 390 acres of public land in the area. In addition to farming and commerce, Doyle was one of the first constables in the county and served as county sheriff from 1850-52 and 1854-56. Doyle supported the Whig Party until its demise, after which he aligned himself with no political party. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was a staunch supporter of the Union during the Civil War.

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