Edwards, Benjamin S.

Born: 1818-06-03 Edwardsville, Illinois

Died: 1886-02-04 Springfield, Illinois

The son of Ninian Edwards, Illinois’ first territorial governor, Benjamin S. Edwards graduated from Yale College in 1838 and studied law the following year with Stephen T. Logan. He was admitted to the bar and began practicing law in March 1840. Three years later, he entered into a law partnership with John T. Stuart that lasted for more than forty years. In 1854, Edwards also became a business executive, joining the Springfield Gas Light Company’s board of directors. Edwards was a member of the Whig Party and served as a Sangamon County representative to the state constitutional convention in 1862. However, he was one of many Whigs who did not give their support to Abraham Lincoln’s bid for the presidency. Instead, Edwards supported Stephen A. Douglas, whom he felt was better able to ensure the preservation of the Union. In 1869, Edwards became judge of the Thirtieth Judicial Circuit and held that position until 1870.

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