Enos, Zimri A.

Born: 1821-09-29 Saint Louis, Missouri

Died: 1907-12-08 Springfield, Illinois

Flourished: 1831-1907 Springfield, Illinois

In September 1823, Zimri Enos moved with his parents and siblings to Springfield, Illinois, and lived there the rest of his life. He attended Springfield Seminary; Jesuit College in St. Louis; and Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois, where he studied engineering. When he graduated, he studied law in the office of Edward D. Baker and Albert T. Bledsoe, and later formed a law partnership with James H. Matheny. In 1846, he married Agnes Trotter, with whom he had six children. In April 1847, Enos formed a business partnership with Vincent Ridgely, offering their services to veterans of the Mexican War to obtain land warrants or sell the warrants for cash. Enos & Ridgely was in business until August 1847. Enos later became a surveyor and civil engineer, and held the office of county surveyor for Sangamon County from 1854 to 1857. By 1860, he owned $18,000 in real property, with a personal estate of $2,000.

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