Green, Bowling

Born: 1786-01-25 North Carolina

Died: 1842-02-13 Menard County, Illinois

Flourished: New Salem, Illinois

Green won election as a magistrate in Sangamon County, Illinois, in 1831, and as a justice of the peace in New Salem later in the mid-1830s. He was Abraham Lincoln's servant during the Black Hawk War. He was a Democrat, but he supported Lincoln's 1834 campaign for the Illinois House of Representatives. In 1835, while suffering from depression, Lincoln stayed in Green's home.

Gravestone, Oakland Cemetery, Petersburg, Illinois; Certification of Abraham Lincoln, John Brannaur, and Hugh Armstrong; Benjamin P. Thomas, Lincoln's New Salem (Springfield, IL: Abraham Lincoln Association, 1934), 42, 75, 82; Election Returns for Clary's Grove Precinct in Sangamon County, Illinois.