Hay, Milton

Born: 1817-07-03 Fayette County, Kentucky

Died: 1893-09-15 Springfield, Illinois

In the fall of 1832, Hay came to Springfield, Illinois, with his family. Six years later, Hay became a student in the law firm of Stuart and Lincoln. After being admitted to the bar in 1840, he settled in Pittsfield, Illinois, to practice law. He formed a legal partnership there with Edward D. Baker. In 1858, Hay returned to Springfield, where he continued to practice law with new law partner Stephen T. Logan. In 1859, Hay was associated with Abraham Lincoln in the famous People v. Harrison murder trial, and he also worked with Lincoln as a bar examiner. His partnership with Logan lasted until 1861. Hay also formed brief partnerships with various lawyers including John M. Palmer, Antrim Campbell, and Shelby Cullom. Hay became the senior member of the firm Hay, Greene, and Littler until his retirement on December 31, 1879. Hay was a member of the 1870 state constitutional convention, and after the adoption of that constitution, he was a member of the General Assembly. Milton Hay was the son-in-law of Stephen T. Logan.

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