Lanphier, Charles H.

Born: 1820-04-14 Alexandria, Virginia

Died: 1903-03-19 Springfield, Illinois

Flourished: Springfield, Illinois

In 1836, Lanphier moved to Vandalia, Illinois, with his brother-in-law, William Walters. When Walters became the publisher of the Illinois State Register, Lanphier worked as a printing apprentice. When the state legislature moved the state capital from Vandalia to Springfield in 1839, Walters and Lanphier moved the Register to Springfield. In 1846, Walters died en route to the Mexican War, and Lanphier assumed control of the Register. He owned and published the Register, alone and in partnership with others, until he sold the company in 1863. In 1846, Lanphier married Margaret T. Crenshaw, with whom he had seven children. Lanphier strongly supported the Democratic Party.

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