Martin, Hugh

Born: 1802-01-28 Frederick County, Virginia

Died: 1897-09-12 Canton, Illinois

Flourished: Canton, Illinois

Hugh Martin was a physician who was among the first practicing doctors in Fulton County, Illinois. He received his collegiate education at Miami University. After college, he studied medicine for three years with a local doctor in Eaton, Ohio, at the end of which time he received a certificate to practice medicine in Ohio. He furthered his medical education at Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati, and at the University of St. Louis, graduating from the medical department of the latter institution in 1853. Martin first arrived in Canton, Illinois, in November 1840; he left the following February, and returned in October 1843, establishing a medical practice that continued until his retirement. In 1860, he was practicing in Canton and owned real property valued at $20,000 and had a personal estate of $10,000. In 1832, he married Elizabeth Hipple, with whom he had eight children.

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