Nicolay, John G.

Born: 1832-02-26 Essingen, Bavaria

Died: 1901-09-26 Washington, D.C.

Nicolay and his family migrated to the United States in 1838. Over the next few years, they lived in Louisiana, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri before settling in Pike County, Illinois. Nicolay briefly worked as a clerk before becoming a typesetter for the Free Press in Pittsfield, Illinois. He assumed the editorship of the paper in 1854 but sold it in 1856 and moved to Springfield, Illinois, where he clerked for the Illinois secretary of state. A Republican, Nicolay worked closely with Abraham Lincoln and became his private secretary during the 1860 presidential election. Nicolay also convinced Lincoln to appoint John M. Hay, who Nicolay had met in Pittsfield, as his assistant secretary. When Lincoln became president, he took Nicolay and Hay to Washington, where they continued to serve as his secretaries and became intimately acquainted with Lincoln and his family. In 1864, Lincoln appointed Nicolay as consul to Paris, France.

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