Pinckney, Daniel J.

Born: 1818-01-01 New York

Died: 1883-06-17 Chicago, Illinois

Flourished: Mount Morris, Illinois

Daniel J. Pinckney was a farmer, educator, merchant, newspaper editor, and state legislator. Born in Ulysses, New York, Pinckney studied at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, earning an M.A. degree in 1841. He taught at Genesee Wesleyan Seminary in Lima, New York, before moving to Mount Morris, Illinois to act as principal of the Methodist Episcopal Rock River Seminary in 1842. He held this position until 1855, with periodic breaks due in part to ill health. Pinckney married Margaret C. Hitt in 1844 and the pair had four children who lived to adulthood. Pinckney briefly managed a store in Mount Morris in the 1840s and partnered in a general store in the early 1850s. In 1850 and 1851, he edited the Mount Morris Gazette. Pinckney was a member of the Illinois Constitutional Convention in 1847 and represented Ogle County in the Illinois House of Representatives, 1855 to 1858 and 1865 to 1866, and in the Illinois Senate, 1867 to 1869. He served as a vice president in the Illinois Colonization Society. By 1860, he possessed $20,000 in real estate and $1,500 in personal property.

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