Pinckard, Thomas S.

Born: 1833-06-19 Upper Alton, Illinois

Died: 1911-04-23 Mechanicsburg, Illinois

Flourished: Alton, Illinois

After receiving a common-school education, Pinckard apprenticed in the printing offices of the Alton Telegraph. In 1852, he became a foreman, and the following year he traveled to California, where he was employed installing telegraph lines. He returned to Alton in 1854, where he worked as a foreman at the Alton Courier and, in 1855, he took a position as foreman at the Illinois State Journal in Springfield. He enlisted in the Illinois cavalry in 1861 and served until 1864, when he returned home to Alton and became a partner in the Alton Telegraph. Politically, Pinckard was a strong Republican and the newspapers he worked for and operated were Republican in politics.

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