Ruckel, Daniel E.

Born: 1811-XX-XX

Died: 1854-04-09 Springfield, Illinois

Alternate name: Ruckle, Rucker

Daniel E. Ruckel was a cabinet and furniture maker, most likely born in New York. On April 22, 1834, in DeWitt, New York, he married Catherine V. G. Forbes, with whom he eventually had at least four children. He most likely moved to Springfield, Illinois sometime in 1836, when his brother, Jacob, relocated there. He and Jacob opened a cabinet, furniture, and upholstering business. Abraham Lincoln ordered a custom-made, seven-foot long sofa from them, which he used in his Springfield law office for a time. Daniel made the sofa, and Jacob upholstered it. In 1850, Ruckel owned real estate valued at $650. He was a member of the Whig Party and took an active interest in local Whig politics. He died at age forty-three. After his death, Lincoln wrote that he had considered Daniel Ruckel "a dear friend."

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