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Tunstall, Warrick

Born: 1814-XX-XX Louisville, Kentucky

Died: 1893-07-08 Texas

Flourished: San Antonio, Texas

Warrick Tunstall was a farmer, lawyer, and early pioneer of San Antonio, Texas. Tunstall moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, in the 1830s, becoming a prominent attorney and an original incorporator of the St. Louis Law Library, which was founded in 1838 and chartered in 1839. In March 1840, he married Mary Quarles, with whom he had three children. Mary Tunstall died in 1847, and in 1848, Warrick married Mrs. Florida Boswell, with whom he had six children. In 1850, he was living and farming in St. Louis and owned real estate valued at $20,000. In 1854, Tunstall and his family moved via the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico to San Antonio. Warrick became friends with Robert E. Lee, then a colonel in the U.S. Army and commander of the Second Cavalry stationed in San Antonio.

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