Vaughn, Foley

Born: 1791-1800

Flourished: 1834-1840 Springfield, Illinois

In 1834 and 1835, Vaughn operated a dry goods store on the north side of the public square in Springfield. In February 1836, he formed a mercantile partnership with Abner Y. Ellis that lasted until December 1837, when the two dissolved the partnership by mutual consent, with Vaughn taking over the business on his own. In December 1836, Vaughn was also a Springfield auctioneer. In July 1837, he was operating a store in partnership with William S. Burch. He also entered into partnership with Ira Sanford, Charles B. Francis, James Maxey, and Benjamin S. Clement. In March 1838, he was among the prominent Springfield residents who pledged money to secure the move of the Illinois state capital from Vandalia to Springfield. In August 1838, Vaughn ran for Sangamon County sheriff, placing third in a field of three candidates. In June 1840, Vaughn sold his interest in Vaughn, Sanford & Co., and he also dissolved his partnership with Burch, purchasing the latter's interest and continuing the business alone.

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