Warren County, Illinois

County: Warren

State: Illinois

Lat/Long: 40.8500, -90.6167

Warren County is located within the limits of the Illinois Military Tract. The Illinois General Assembly formed Warren County out of Pike County on January 13, 1825. The General Assembly placed Warren County under the jurisdiction of Schuyler County until the new county could organize. In 1826, the General Assembly transferred that jurisdiction to Peoria County. In the spring of 1830, unrest over paying taxes to Peoria County prompted citizens of Warren County to petition for separation and the right to hold elections. Organizers selected Oquawka as the temporary county seat, and in 1831 settled on Monmouth as the permanent home of county government. In 1841, the General Assembly carved Henderson County out of Warren, thereby setting the boundaries of the latter at its present limits.

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