Upper Sandusky, Ohio

City: Upper Sandusky

County: Wyandot

State: Ohio

Lat/Long: 40.8167, -83.2667

Located in northwestern Ohio on the left bank of the Sandusky River, eighteen miles north northwest of Marion, Upper Sandusky is the county seat of Wyandot County, Ohio. Native American nations fought over the land on which Upper Sandusky would be built, and the region eventually became the possession of the Wyandot Nation. During the American Revolution and the War of 1812, the area became a battleground as Native Americans battled Americans for ascendancy. In 1843, the Wyandots relinquished their rights to the land, and white settlers platted and settled Upper Sandusky under provisions of an act of Congress. In 1845, the Ohio Legislature incorporated Wyandot County, and Upper Sandusky became its seat of government. The Ohio Legislature incorporated Upper Sandusky as a village in 1848. The population of the village grew steadily before the Civil War, from 783 inhabitants in 1850 to 1,599 in 1860.

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