Certificate of Survey for Alvin Ringo, 16 November 18361
Novr. 16th
Surveyed forRingo a tract of land Composed of parts of Sections 30 & 31 in Township 18 North of Range 7 West and bounded as follows (viz): Beginning on the line dividing Range 7 & 8 at a point 6 chains & 81 links North of the North West Corner of said section 31. at a White Oak 16 inches in diametre, bearing N.[North] 43½ E[East] 48 links. Thence East 14 chains & 93 links to a White Oak 36 inches N. 50 W.[West] 32 links. Thence South 20 chains & 7 links to a Sugar tree 14 inches N. 29 W. 53 links. Thence West 14 ^chains^ & 93 links to a Hickory 14 inches S.[South] 22 E 19 links. Thence North 20 chains & 7 links to the beginning.2
T. M. Neale S S C[Surveyor of Sangamon County]
By A. Lincoln
1Lincoln apparently performed two surveys for Alvin Ringo; the certificates were likely originally written on the same piece of paper and separated later. This text, the first of the two surveys, only survives in the form of two handwritten transcriptions. The original of the second survey, in Lincoln’s hand, is extant.
2The land described here is located near Clary Creek, southwest of Petersburg in present-day Menard County, Illinois.

Handwritten Transcription, 1 page(s), Herndon-Weik Collection of Lincolniana, Library of Congress (Washington, DC).