Certificate of Survey for Alvin Ringo, 17 November [1836]1
For the same a part of the North half of Section 5 in Township 17 North of Range 7 West and bounded as follows (viz) Begining at the most Northerly corner of a tract situated on the said Section 5, an[d] sold to Lewis L. Cooper by Robert Cownover. Thence S[South] 47 W[West] 8 chains & 42 links to a Black Oak 11 inches corner. Thence S 70 E.[East] 22 chains & 1 links to a White Oak 16 inches N[North] 26 W 45 links. Thence N 29 E. 4 chains & 50 links to a White Oak 24 inches S 73 W 20 links. Thence N 61 W 19 chains & 2 links to the begining. Also a part of the East half of the South West quarter of the said Section 5, and bounded as follows (viz) Begining at the South East corner of said half quarter at a White Oak 16 inches S 63 W 62 links. a White Oak 15 inches N 75 E 76 links. Thence N 89 W 19 chains & 71 links to a Post & Mound. Thence North 3 chains to a stake. Thence S 89 E. 17 chains & 71 links to a stake. Thence South 3 chains to the begining2
T. M Neale S. S. C.[Surveyor of Sangamon County]
By A. Lincoln

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Description of 12½ Twelve ^half^ Acres Timber in Town[Township] 17 R[Range] 7 Sec[Section] 5
[ endorsement ]
Preserve this Document as it is from the Noblest of Gods Creation A. Lincoln the second presearver of his Country May 3rd 1865 [found?] by W. G. Greene who taught Lincoln the English Grammar in the year 1831
1Lincoln apparently performed two surveys for Alvin Ringo, and the certificates were likely originally written on the same piece of paper and separated later. The first survey only survives in the form of two handwritten transcriptions. The second survey is transcribed here. Page one was written entirely by Abraham Lincoln, including Neale’s signature.
2The land described here is located near Clary Creek in present-day Menard County, southwest of Petersburg.

Autograph Document Signed, 2 page(s), Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site (Washington, DC).