Amendment to “Resolution regarding the Need for an Assistant Doorkeeper for the House of Representatives,” [20 December 1836]1
Resolved that the door-keeper of this House, be now requested to state publicly to this body, whether, in his opinion, an assistant door keeper is necessary.2

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Lincoln amt[amendment]
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the text on page one of this document.
On December 20, 1836, Benjamin S. Enloe introduced the following resolution in the House of Representatives: “Resolved by this General Assembly, That the present Door-keeper be not allowed one cent more than the ordinary wages of Door-keeper.” Abraham Lincoln offered an amendment to strike out everything after the word “Resolved,” and insert in lieu thereof the text shown here. The House tabled the resolution and the proposed amendment until July 4, 1837.
Illinois House Journal. 1836. 10th G. A., 1st sess., 86.
2Enloe’s resolution and Lincoln’s proposed amendment came after the House of Representatives tabled another resolution and proposed amendments related to the position of assistant door-keeper. On December 9, 1836, Alexander P. Dunbar offered the following resolution: “Resolved, That the Door-Keeper be allowed to call to his assistance any suitable person as Assistant Door-Keeper.” The House tabled this resolution. On December 20, the House took up the resolution, and Revel W. English moved to amend it by striking out all after the word “resolved,” and inserting in lieu thereof the following substitute: “That the Door-Keeper of this House be authorized to hire a suitable person to assist him as Door-Keeper at any sum not to exceed $1 50 per day.” Enloe moved to amend this amendment by striking out all after the word “that” and inserting the following substitute: “This House elect an Assistant Door-Keeper to aid the present one in the discharge of his duties.” The House tabled the resolution and proposed amendments until July 4, 1837, prompting Enloe to offer his resolution that Lincoln sought to amend.
Illinois House Journal. 1836. 10th G. A., 1st sess., 13, 85-86.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Lincoln Collection, GA Session, 10-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL).