Abraham Lincoln to William L. Marcy, 20 April 18481
Hona[Honorable] Wm L MarcySecretary of WarSir
I nominate for appointment to the Military Academy from the 7th Congr[Congressional] District of Illinois Hezekiah H Garber of that District2
Very respectfully
Your Obt Svt[Obedient Servant]
A. Lincoln

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H. H. Garber
Hon A Lincoln
April 20 1848

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02/19/1848To the Hon W. L. Marcy Secy[Secretary] of WarDr[Dear] Sir
Presuming upon your indulgence I take the liberty of addressing you on the subject of an application for my son Hezekiah H Garber as a “Cadet” in the Military Academy at West Point.
The young man is inclined to receive an education of that description; and has solicited me to interest myself in his behalf which I now undertake to do. I think it my duty to favor his inclination in this respect at least.
The candidate is now 20 years of age (say on Jany[January] last 27th)– is 5 feet & about 7 inches high– free from any corporeal defect whatever, remarkably healthy– & always has been,– strong, active, & hardy– teeth well set & white– is addicted to ^[no?]^ vice whatever. He writes a very fair & legible hand & indites well,– has studied English Grammar & the Arithmetic & may be termed by us “back woods” folks a tolerably good schollar. In fact he is now preparing himself with a view to an appointment as a cadet (notwithstanding his many
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chances for a Defeat) I incline to believe That he has some of the requisite qualifications to make a good officer– physically. I have never had a son “at the institution.”
I trust that you will place the Name of Hezekiah H Garber on your “Register” as an applicant for the appointment His permanant residence is in the 7th Congressional District in the State of Illinois represented by the Hon A Lincoln.
In haste I Subscribe myself
Your humble & Obt[Obedient] Servant
Jacob: Garber3Hon W. L. MarcySecy of War.
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Hon W. L. MarcySecy of WarD.C.
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H H. Garber
Mar[March] 8 1848

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02/21/1848Hon Wm L. Marcy Secy War.Dr Sir,
It affords me great pleasure to add my name to the list of recommendations of Hezekiah M. Garber of this county, who wishes to become a cadet at M. A.[Military Academy] at West Point–
Having had a years experiece, as a field officer, in Mexico, and having thus learned something of those qualities which are required for a good soldier, I cheerfully bear testimony to those of my young friend, the son of our worthy fellow citizen, Jacob Garber Esq[Esquire]–
Physically, mentally and morally, he is one I believe, whome Illinoisans (and they ought not to be careless in such matters) can safely trust, and should his application be succesful neither the Secy. nor the country would regret it– He is of twenty years, in age, he has all the requisites, which qualify, and none of the disabilities which [qu?] disqualify him for appointment–
With great respect
You obt. Servt[Servant]
Thos L. Harris4

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Hez. H. Garber.
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Mch[March] 8, 48[1848],
Engr office
1Although attributed to Abraham Lincoln, he only signed this letter.
2The Seventh Congressional District included the counties of Cass, Logan, Marshall, Mason, Menard, Morgan, Putnam, Sangamon, Scott, Tazewell, and Woodford.
Howard W. Allen and Vincent A. Lacey, eds., Illinois Elections, 1818-1990 (Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University Press, 1992), 126.
3Jacob Garber wrote and signed this letter, including the address on page six.
4Thomas L. Harris wrote and signed this letter.
Hezekiah H. Garber received the appointment, entering the U.S. Military Academy in July 1848, and graduating in July 1852.
William Ward, List of Cadets Admitted into the United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., From its Origin Till September 1, 1886 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1887), 28; George W. Cullum, Biographical Register of the Officers and Graduates of the U.S. Military Academy, 3rd ed. (Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin, 1891), 2:515.

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