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In force Feb.[February] 6, 1835.
AN ACT to change part of the State Road from Springfield to Alton.
Commissioners appointed to relocate said road.
Sec.[Section] 1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That Dewey Whitney, David Black and John Campbell, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to view, re-locate and re-survey so much of the State road leading from Springfield to Alton as lies between the towns of Springfield and Carlinville, and so much of said road between the points aforesaid, as in the opinion of said commissioners the public good requires; and so much of said road as shall be changed by said commissioners, is hereby vacated: Provided,
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That the said commissioners, in the re-survey and re-location aforesaid, shall be confined to so much of said road as lies between Springfield and the north end of George and William Dyer’s lane, in Macoupin county, and shall proceed no further than the said lane in the direction of Carlinville, unless the county commissioners’ court of Macoupin county shall first consent to the same, in which case the said commissioners may continue their re-survey and re-location to the public square in Carlinville.
When and where to meet.
Sec. 2. Said commissioners, or a majority of them, shall meet in the town of Springfield on the first Monday of May next, or within one month thereafter, and after being first duly sworn before some justice of the peace faithfully to perform such duties as are required by this act,1 shall commence said location at the town of Springfield, and as soon thereafter as practicable, make out a true survey and map of so much of said road as shall be changed by them, and file the same in the office of the clerk of the county commissioners’ court of Sangamon and Macoupin counties: Provided, That it shall not be necessary to file a map with the clerk of Macoupin county, unless some part of said road should be changed which lies in Macoupin county.
Sec. 3. So much of said road as shall be re-located and re-surveyed as aforesaid, shall be deemed a public highway, and shall be worked and kept in repair as other State roads are. The county commissioners’ court of Sangamon county, shall allow said commissioners a reasonable compensation for their services, to be paid out of the County Treasury.
Approved, Feb. 6, 1835.
1Abraham Lincoln’s handwritten text of the act included a certification that Dewey Whitney and John Campbell swore their respective oaths on May 27, 1835.

Printed Document, 2 page(s), Laws of the State of Illinois, Passed by the Ninth General Assembly, at their First Session (Vandalia, IL: J. Y. Sawyer, 1835), 100-01, GA Session: 9-1