Promissory Note from Thomas C. Cantrall to Abraham Lincoln, 29 November 18521
One year after date I promise to pay Abraham Lincoln Six hundred and sixty dollars together with interest thereon at the rate of ten per cent per annum from date until paid for value received.2
Thomas Cantall

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[ endorsement ]
Received Jany 6– 1854
Sixty six dollars the first years interest on the note.
[ endorsement ]
Received Feby 9– 1855
Thirty dollars of interest on the note,
[ endorsement ]
Received Dec 19– 1855
One hundred and two dollars being full ballance of interest up to Novr[November] 29– 1855
[ endorsement ]
Received June 22 1858– of Charles S. Cantall Adm[Administrator] of Thomas Cantall, eight hundred and twentynine dollars & twenty four cents. in full ballance of principal & interest on this noteA. Lincoln
1Neither Thomas C. Cantrall nor Abraham Lincoln wrote or signed this document. It is unclear who wrote the script.
2Harry E. Pratt, author of The Personal Finances of Abraham Lincoln, claims that, on November 28, 1851, Lincoln loaned Cantrall $600 under the conditions that it be repaid within two years and was subject to an interest rate of ten percent per year. Pratt also claims that, to secure this loan, Lincoln assumed a mortgage on eighty acres of land that Cantrall owned in Menard County, Illinois and that Lincoln released this mortgage on the same day that this November 29, 1852 promissory note for $660 was created. The 1851 promissory note and mortgage document Pratt refers to have not been located.
Also on November 29, 1852, Cantrall and his wife, Elizabeth W. Cantrall, mortgaged 160 acres of land in Menard County to Lincoln as security on the repayment of the new debt. After a series of payments were made, the debt was finally cleared on June 22,1858, two years after Thomas C. Cantrall’s death. His brother, Charles S. Cantrall, who was the administrator of his estate, made the final payment, and, on October 29, 1858, the deed on the land was released back to the Cantrall family.
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