Ichabod Codding to Abraham Lincoln, 13 November 18541
Hon. A Lincoln,Dear Sir,
By request of those members of the Republican State Central Committee, residing in Chicago & vicinity, I hereby inform you that there will be a meeting of said committee in this city this week Friday (17th inst) at the office of J E Farnsworth opposite the Sherman House at 2 oclock P.M. Your attendance is requested2
yours trulyI. Codding.
CHICAGO Ills[Illinois]
NOV[November] 14
Hon. A. Lincoln.SpringfieldIllinois
[ docketing ]
I– Codding– & Answer
Nov 13/54[1854]3
1Ichabod Codding wrote and signed this letter, including the address on the envelope.
2Abraham Lincoln responded to Codding in a letter of November 27, 1854, noting that he had never been invited nor agreed to be a member of the Republican State Central Committee.
Codding’s request came in the aftermath of the state and congressional elections of 1854, which witnessed Lincoln’s return to politics after a brief hiatus concentrating on his law practice. Passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and its effective repeal of the Missouri Compromise had reawakened Lincoln’s passion for politics, and he threw himself into the election campaign in the fall of 1854, crisscrossing Illinois to deliver speeches against the Kansas-Nebraska Act and in support of anti-Nebraska candidates.
David Herbert Donald, Lincoln (New York: Touchstone, 1995), 167-73; Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln Written for John L. Scripps.
3This docketing was written by an unknown hand.

Autograph Letter Signed, 2 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress (Washington, DC).