William H. Bissell to Abraham Lincoln, 2 January 18571
Dear Sir:
On getting to Springfield I shall desire to consult you as to what I shall say in my message to the Legislature about Kansas.2
May I ask you to write out, hastily as you please, your views on that subject; that I may make such use of it as I deem proper in preparing my message?3
I shall be at Springfield on monday or tuesday next.4
Yours Very TrulyWm H. BissellHon. A. Lincoln.

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Wm H. Bissell
Belleville Ill.[Illinois] Jany[January] 2. 18575
1William H. Bissell wrote and signed this letter.
2Bissell’s inaugural address as the governor of Illinois, given on January 12, 1857, included typical items such as the building of a new penitentiary, schools, railroads, and the like. Bissell also included the standard Republican rhetoric about preventing the spread of slavery westward. Bissell devoted six paragraphs to the Kansas-Nebraska Act and its meaning for the republic.
Illinois House Journal. 1857. 20th G. A., 82-86.
3Abraham Lincoln’s response, if he penned one, has not been found. There is no documentary evidence of Lincoln contributing to Bissell’s views on Bleeding Kansas and slavery extension in his inaugural address.
4Lincoln was in Springfield that Monday and Tuesday, January 5 and 6, respectively. However, there is no evidence of a meeting between Lincoln and Bissell at that time. Lincoln did speak at the celebration of Bissell’s inauguration on January 12, 1857.
5“7” written over “9”. An unknown person wrote this docketing.

Autograph Letter Signed, 2 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Papers, Library of Congress (Washington, DC).