Check of James Shields to Abraham Lincoln, 17 November 18411
$ 10 00/100. No. 7181.
Cashier of the STATE BANK OF ILLINOIS, pay to A Lincoln or order, the sum of Ten dollars and cents, it being in full for Jesse K Dubois Compensation for making an abstract of lands, entered at Palestine Ill from 1st Sep[September] 1836 to 1st Jan[January] 1841.2
Countersigned and Registered.
M. Carpenter Treasurer. Jas Shields Auditor of Public Accounts.
(The holder of this warrant will be entitled to six per cent. interest from date, until redeemed by the State.)

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A. Lincoln
1James Shields filled in the blanks on this partially printed document and signed his name. Milton Carpenter signed his own name. Lincoln’s endorsement on the back side indicates that he cashed the warrant.
2At this time, Dubois held the office of register at the U.S. General Land Office at Palestine.
Joseph Wallace, Past and Present of the City of Springfield and Sangamon County, Illinois (La Crosse, WI: Brookhaven, 2001), 1:57-58.

Partially Printed Document Signed, 2 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL).